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Westie Wednesday: Never Say Never

Happy Westie Wednesday from Barley, Aaron and I! This week has been a busy week for our Barley, playing with toys, chasing squirrels, and even several car rides with the windows down.  Oh what fun we’ve had!!

In our house we have a ton of dog toys because let’s face it, our little Westie is spoiled!! This week Barley got a new toy just because she’s so cute!  Aaron, my hubby, has taken it upon himself to give names to Barley’s toys. So, today, I am introducing you to Barley’s newest addition…Justin Beaver. I am sure Justin Beaver will not last long in our house, as most toys get destroyed within a few days, but here’s a small tribute to Barley’s fav playmate this week.

We hope everyone has a happy Wednesday and remembers to follow your dreams because, “We only live once so follow your dreams and never say never!”-Justin Bieber or was it Justin Beaver



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