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3 Ways an Engagement Session can help You Have Beautiful Wedding Photos


If you’re asking yourself, “Do we need to have an engagement session?” The answer is yes!

But why? What’s the significance? Is it necessary? How will it benefit us?

Like most wedding planning options, having an engagement photo session is optional. And while it’s not necessary, I believe it delivers many benefits and an investment you’ll find to be worthwhile. 

One of the most significant ways having engagement photos taken benefits you and your fiancé is that the process will result in better wedding photos. This isn’t to say that if you forgo an engagement session, your wedding photos will turn out horrible. Quite the opposite! But I often find that couples who get professional photos taken before their big day have a better wedding photography experience. 

Let me show you. 

Here are three ways engagement sessions help you have beautiful wedding photos:

Fall Engagement Session in Pinehurst, NC

You Get to Know Your Photographer

An engagement session helps build trust and comfort between the photographer and client. Sure, we can get to know each other a little through phone chats, emails, and planning sessions. But there’s something altogether different about working with each other before the big day. 

During your engagement session, I’ll learn more about how you both interact with each other, your personalities, which poses work well, etc. And you two will get a deeper understanding of what it’s like to work with me and my personality.

To give you an idea, when you first arrive at your photo location, we talk about how your session will go. We talk about your outfits, if you have a side you like photographed more, any quirks or things you do not like. 

We walk and talk more about wedding plans, things you like to do, the future. And as we walk and talk, I guide you and give you direction and posing suggestions. It’s so much fun and a wonderful way to get to know one another.

Engagement Session  at Weymouth Center in Pinehurst, NC

You Get to Practice Being in Front of the Camera

Most people get nervous about being photographed, even me! But I tell my couples to relax and enjoy their time together. In fact, engagement sessions are a perfect time to be with one another, away from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, as well as, day to day life.

It also gives you a chance to see what it’s like being in front of the camera, pose, and get comfortable just doing your couple thing while I take pictures. 

Honestly, the time flies by. Often, by the end, we’re having so much fun that none of us can believe how fast the session went. And I find that couples who have had this “practice round” are more relaxed when having photos taken of them on their wedding day. That confidence and comfort shine through the images.

Oh, and feel free to bring a bottle of champagne to toast at the end of the session. This makes for really incredible photos, and it’s a beautiful way to celebrate your engagement. 

Pinehurst Engagement Session

You’ll Feel Like a Natural on Your Wedding Day

You will know the process because you’ve already spent time in front of the camera. You’ll feel comfortable posing and feel confident about candids, because you are a pro already!

And we’ll have gotten to know each other on a deeper level, so it won’t be like there’s a stranger with a camera showing up to your wedding. Things will run smoother, and your photos will be beautiful.

I value trust and sharing a genuine connection with my couples. I believe these set a strong foundation for a beautiful relationship and enjoyable experience. When we come together for an engagement session, we’re building that relationship, which leads to comfort and confidence and stunning wedding photos! 

When you’re ready, say hello, and let’s set up your engagement session.

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